Notify us when you receive documents in the mail

I just wanted to remind you that if you do receive any letters in the mail,
whether they be insurance documents or financial planning documents, or
superannuation documents, please don’t forget to send us a copy of those.

We don’t always receive copies of them.

Some because of privacy issues, you’ll receive some and we won’t.

Please send us a copy if you’re comfortable with that, just so that we can
monitor and make sure that they’re relevant, or if you need to act on them,
we can help you out with that.

We had a client the other day who received some insurance documents that
we were aware of the insurance, but we weren’t the advisor on that

Client didn’t open the envelope, and subsequently, the insurance lapsed.

And then six months later, when he realised it had lapsed, he wasn’t very

So, if you could please let us know if you receive some documentation from
your super fund, or your insurance companies.

And that way we can just monitor and let you know if it’s important, or if you
need to act on it.