Your financial advisor in Ivanhoe:

Rigale Financial Solutions provides a highly personalised service, backed with a comprehensive experience and knowledge in financial planning and asset management.

We deliver practical, cost-effective wealth management, and uniquely tailored financial strategies to suit your needs and secure your financial future. We know the latest Financial Planning strategies, and provide a comprehensive range of down-to-earth investment advice to clients, specialising in Superannuation, Personal Insurance, and Aged Care. We also work closely with your chosen accountant or we can recommend our trusted associates to ensure you receive in-depth and professional advice before committing to any financial decision.

About Claudia Rigoni-Brazzale,
Financial planner & Managing director

Certified Member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) – (AR 300689)
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Bachelor of Applied Science

Claudia is passionate about helping her clients fulfil their life goals through effective financial strategies, by matching their wealth goals and desired lifestyle. Claudia has over a decade of experience in financial planning, with a deep commitment to caring for her clients and ensuring that they benefit from her wealth of experience as a financial adviser.

Claudia also offers a specialised service focused on Aged Care, delivering peace of mind with this difficult decision making process. Well-versed in the trials and tribulations that senior members of society go through when having to find and organise aged care facility, potentially selling the family home, Claudia provides in-depth personalised advice on how to set up assets to maximise benefits.

Mrs Claudia Rigoni-Brazzale of Rigale Financial Solutions P/L has provided us with very helpful and effective financial planning for the last 5 years. We are always impressed by her professionalism and by the way she explains in a clear manner the intricacies of the world of financial planning.

We are in our seventies and consider ourselves fortunate to be able to rely on a person of integrity who is always available to discuss with us any problem which may affect our financial wellbeing.

We are convinced that through her vast expertise in a variety of associated fields, she will continue to guide us to a safe financial destination.

Jose and Gilberte Caliste
It was such a pleasure to meet you today to discuss the best way to plan the financial aspects relating to the aged care for my uncle.

This has been a very distressing time for Mum & I, not only are we dealing with the emotional trauma of his declining health but also trying to navigate the minefield of our aged care system and the confusion of costs, (both upfront & ongoing).

You were a breath of fresh air to us today.

Thank you for explaining the financial implications of the different Aged Care facilities we were considering & confirming we would be able to afford our first choice for his new residence.

You are extremely knowledgeable in your field and we very much appreciate you laying out for us the different investment options relating to managing the finances to provide for him well into the future.

We feel particularly confident in having you plan for us as you have no affiliations with aged care facilities or financial institutions.

We genuinely look forward to meeting with you again and making further plans for our family finances.

Angie OBrien

I asked Claudia for help with some unpaid superannuation that I had been trying to access for two years. Claudia responded immediately and confidently that she could solve the problem and she did – quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. Claudia impressed me with her knowledge, her no nonsense approach and her ability to quickly resolve what had been an overwhelming financial stress for me. The relief I felt was amazing.

Susan B
I felt anxious and out of my depth as to how to take care of my money after
I sold my home. I had put a deposit on my new to be built home, but needed to invest my money for income.
I had expected much lower returns than I received.

Claudia asked “what was important in my life” and we went from there.

It was with great relief and confidence that I transferred the cash into the investment in August 2018 with Netwealth, Claudia had devised for me.
My investment gives me income to meet my current living expenses and provides growth for the funds required for the final payment of my apartment in 2020.

Barbara Dick